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♥ Sugar Sweets ♥

Nibblonians to Nibble stations. Prepare Cuddlebug for deployment in 40 nibblets.

6 July

My Poupeegirl
I love to make new Poupeegirl friends!


About Me

Much of this song applies to me:

Big Exceptions:
1) I'm a girl.
2) I'm not "white" - I'm mixed Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern.
3) Segways suck.
4) OBVIOUSLY, Picard is the superior officer. ;D

My Loves

Movies: My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King, while my favorite live-action movies are the Star Wars original trilogy (tied). I love anything Disney traditionally animated, particularly "Golden Age" movies like The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Hercules, Mulan, etc. I love Studio Ghibli as well, with some of my favorites being My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, and Princess Mononoke. I'm a sucker for show tunes, so I love musical classics such as The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Flower Drum Song. I love sci-fi, fantasy, and action, so some of my other favorites are the Matrix triology, Indiana Jones, The Fifth Element, Bladerunner, Ghost in the Shell, Read or Die, The Last Unicorn, and Cameron's Avatar. I can go on and on, as I'm kind of a movie lover. :D

TV (running or not, anywhere in the world): I was practically raised on Star Trek (which explains why I'm so out of place and unhappy in this world), and I'm a huge fan of every series except perhaps Deep Space Nine, which I never got to watch. I love animation of any kind so some faves: Futurama, Family Guy, Avatar the Last Airbender, Sailor Moon, Magical Angel Creamy Mami, Angelic Layer, Cowboy Bebop, Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, Inu Yasha, Bleach, Read or Dream, Gurren Lagann, and many more. I'm also a fan of older shows like MacGyver and Mission Impossible (original series), and I love nature/science documentaries.

Video Games: I love video/computer games, from the old-school King's Quest series, to the mid-era Shenmue and Jet Set Radio, to the modern Halo, Assassin's Creed, KOTOR, Bioshock, Half-life 2, and the like. More of my life than I'm willing to admit has been spent in one of these worlds.

Music: Lots of things, really. I love the show tunes, Disney (musicals, not D-channel), 80s, 70s, 60s,...okay, mostly things not from my lifetime, although I do love the technologically advanced Vocaloids, especially Miku Hatsune. I'm not a fan of Country or Hip Hop, except when it's hilarious. ;D Some favorite groups/musicians: Beatles, ABBA, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Heart, Journey, Elvis, Evanescence, Lenka, Corinne Bailey Rae, Simon & Garfunkel, Don McLean, Beethoven.

Hobbies: My creative self has ADD. I think. Anyway, I love sewing, crafting, sculpting, drawing, painting - you name it. I also collect a number of things, from plushies, to Disney movie memorabilia, to Star Wars action figures, to dolls. My place is too crowded. :P I also volunteer regularly for a local no-kill shelter. I ADORE animals, especially cats!

Fashion: I love Sweet Lolita, Classical Lolita, Hime Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Punk, Goth, Fairy Kei, Decora, Hime-Gyaru, Mori-girl, Spank!,...and just plain weird and colorful. I think wearing whatever the f*ck you want is a statement of maturity and a sign of a strong mind that resists the pressure to be normal.

Nerdery: Do you like my new word? XD Well, I'm a left-wing revolutionary type who has fits of rage on a regular basis due to the right-wing stupidity of the US, which happens to be my country. Don't worry - I'm not dangerous - I'm retired. ;D
Don't jump to the conclusion that I'm a Democrat, either (though I have no choice but to vote that way all the time): I actually find that they're too right-wing for me! I have many problems with them, including their cutting of NASA. I LOVE SPACE, DAMMIT. Ehem...I'm passionate about things like aeronautics, space travel, and everything that comes with it. I'm a certified nerd (Berkeley high honors, baby!), so occasionally I'll explode when I see something incredibly stupid happening, but I'll try to keep that to friends-only posts.

My Cat
The love of my life, my sugar-precious baby kitten, Nia, named for the Gurren Lagann character for her bi-polar personality! ;D


That's right, hates, not just dislikes.

Right-wing Bullshit
Animal Cruelty
Human Rights Violations

Dabble in any of those? GO AWAY.

NOTE: If you're not a fan of my left-wing rants, either don't friend me or please ignore. I'm a sweetheart, but that doesn't make me a push-over.

I hope we become good friends!
Have a wonderful day!

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